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Oncologica® - Case Study

Oncologica needed to maintain regular readings of the storage conditions to ensure the safety of their testing reagents. Hanwell offered an automated solution that fit just right – read about it here.

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Validating the Sterilization Process at Seitz Heimtiernahrung

“Together with Ellab, we carried out autoclave qualification and were provided with a lot of their expertise. We have learned how we can improve our thermal process validation and the collaboration was both professional and transparent.”

Maria Wilhelm, 

Seitz Heimtiernahrung in Langwedel, Germany

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To meet the customers’ expectations Seitz Heimtiernahrung in Germany chose Ellab Validation Solutions to perform autoclave qualification and to validate their retort sterilization process.

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Pfizer Biotech – Case Study

Discover how Pfizer overcame their challenges by working with Ellab and changing to the E-Val™ Pro thermocouple system and ValSuite Pro software.

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VBRC – Case Study

The Veterinary & Biomedical Research Center, Inc. (VBRC) faced challenges when they had to monitor their strictly sealed medicine storage vault. Learn how we helped them solve the issue.

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We are proud to provide the following examples of customer references from well-known companies within the pharmaceutical/biotech, food and medical industries:

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