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Expandable and Adaptable for Your Evolving Needs

Ellab monitoring software takes your continuous monitoring system to another level. Experience full data collection with custom reports for interactive graphs, tables, and plan views. Easily access relevant data for a verifiable audit trail and proof of your compliance with industry standards and regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and more.

Receive custom alerts configured to alarm users when your selected parameters have been breached, sent directly (via mobile app, SMS, or email,) to those who need to act on or acknowledge them. Optimize your response to alarms using our action cards which turn existing SOPs into fully traceable step-by-step actions to keep your team engaged and efficient, whether you’re monitoring one or multiple sites.

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Keep Your Products and Operations Safe with Ellab Monitoring Software

  • Reduce alarm fatigue by ensuring that alerts are activated according to your custom parameters and are sent directly to the people who need to see them via mobile app, SMS, or email.
  • Keep all your data safe in one place by monitoring multiple parameters, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure, and door switches.
  • Protect valuable assets, comply with regulations, and optimize your facility while ensuring International regulatory compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GxP Guidelines, HACCP, EU GMP Annex 11, and ISO 22000 food standards.
  • Ensure your data is protected from network failures, loss, alteration, or misuse through permission controls, user-owned data, HTTPS and secure data encryption.
  • Take advantage of fully customizable and automatable reports, providing easy access to relevant data, and fully traceable staff actions.
  • Be prepared for site growth or reorganization with a scalable solution that supports a variety of sensors to cover multiple facilities and applications as required.
  • Tailor your monitoring system to suit your internal procedures and preferences with custom dashboards, alarm notifications, graph views, sensor lists, and multi-site grouping.
  • Never miss an alarm with our extensive mobile monitoring app, capable of remote alarm acknowledgement and providing an interactive sensor location map for vital information on the go.
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Customize Your Ideal Continuous Monitoring Experience

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Defined User Groups

Control user access to data and the reporting suite, and automatically log continuous data without leaving room for human error. Automatically generate and send reports at your desired frequency while keeping track of when they are sent and read for fully traceable staff actions.

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Automated Custom Reports

Generate advanced reports from our wide range of customizable modules to provide the data you need, when you need it. Quickly and easily view data trends to help you verify current and historical conditions without manual data gathering.

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Streamline Your Alarm Response

Customize and review your alarms to ensure that they are only sent when your set parameters have been breached. Use alarm response action cards to turn existing SOPs into easy step-by-step instructions, helping your team act quickly to preserve vital assets.

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Android and iPhone Alarms App

The EMSuite smartphone app is designed so you can view and acknowledge sensor alarm status, active alarms, list of sites, zones and sensor groups on the go – allowing you to experience a simple and intuitive interface that is both secure and audit trail traceable.